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Credit Card Mobile App Bill Payment Flow

My Role - Lead designer

Ideation Facilitate 

UX Design 

Design Validation 

Visual Design         


Product Owner 



Web platform designer


Mobile App




Enable customers make real-time payments directly to their card card through the mobile app they use to check balance. 


Capital One Customers need to make payments to their credit cards through their main financial institutions. This often means +3 days of funds that are just floating around. No longer in a customer's bank account, but not freeing up more credit on their card. For people who are trying to build their credit score with low lines of credit, this is often a very stressful period of time.

Capital One has the technical ability to build real-time payments for customers, where their payment will go through and open up credit almost instantly for more spending. However, we never have the feature in the native mobile app experience.

Project Overview

Transforming Complexity to Simplicity

  • Evolved from managing 8 distinct user flows and over 60 interface windows.

  • Reduced the need for 100+ clicks for single project data management.

  • Cut down 300+ hours of enterprise data operations.

The Solutions

An enterprise-grade, streamlined, all-in-one cloud service.

My Role & The Team

My Role:
Lead Product Designer

A Global Collaboration Team:
Principal product designer (Boston)
Revit Product Lead (Boston) 
Feature Product Lead (Boston)
Tech Lead (Boston)
Principal Engineer (Shanghai)
Sr and Intermedia Engineers (Shanghai)
Visual Designer (Shanghai)


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