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Design Lead

Lead​ Designer

| Research | Ideation facilitation | IA optimization 

| UX design | Visual design | User interview |

| Design Iterative | UI implementation | UX measurement |

| Mentor intermedia designers |

Project goal

Create a mobile first cash back coupon with a great and easy to use mobile customer experience.


Customers want a digital solution for redeeming their cash back

- CEMP Verbatim


Led a 3-day design sprint

Day 1


Customer Needs

  1. Understand why my reward balance has become zero.

  2. Tell me when I can expect the coupon.

  3. Get me my reward coupon sooner.

  4. Explain how can I redeem the coupon.

  5. Communicate what to expect after I have redeemed the coupon.

Journey Map

Day 2

Ideate & Storyboard

Find common theme from storyboards

Day 3

Sketch flow / test 

Sketch flow

Hallway testing result


Different Entry points 


Identify Reusable component

Build into our design system

Launching on Feb, 2020