cash back Mobile app COUPON


Design Lead

Lead​ Designer

| Research | Ideation facilitation | IA optimization 

| UX design | Visual design | User interview |

| Design Iterative | UI implementation | UX measurement |

| Mentor intermedia designers |

Project goal

Create a mobile first cash back coupon with a great and easy to use mobile customer experience.


Customers want a digital solution for redeeming their cash back

- CEMP Verbatim


Led a 3-day design sprint

Day 1


Customer Needs

  1. Understand why my reward balance has become zero.

  2. Tell me when I can expect the coupon.

  3. Get me my reward coupon sooner.

  4. Explain how can I redeem the coupon.

  5. Communicate what to expect after I have redeemed the coupon.

Journey Map

Day 2

Ideate & Storyboard

Find common theme from storyboards

Day 3

Sketch flow / test 

Sketch flow

Hallway testing result


Different Entry points 


Identify Reusable component

Build into our design system

Identify common theme from different features

Digital cash back coupon flow

Credit limit increase flow 

Same customer behavior

Share UI/UX

Different feature use this component